12 Days of Christmas Sale – Day 1

Today is the 1st day of our 12 Days of Christmas sale! Our first item of the day is our Smudge/Cleansing Gift set!

This Smudge/Cleansing Gift Set includes: A Sage “Smudge” Stick, Fossil Dish, Amethyst Cluster, Crystal Point, Himalayan Salt, Selenite and Smokey Quartz.

Spiritually Cleansing your space can be useful before meditation, when you move into a new space, after an illness or argument, before and after guests visit your home or when beginning any new life journey.  This Gift Set makes a great housewarming gift or special gift after major illness or life upheaval.

Himalayan Salt-has long been known for it purification properties
Smokey Quartz – is believed to absorb harmful negative energies
Crystal Quartz Point – Is known to be a positive energy amplifier
Amethyst Cluster – known to clear your energy fields
Selenite – amplifies the properties of nearby stones and its known as a healing stone.

It wouldn’t be a sales event without a sale though! Normally this gift set would be valued at $40.00  Starting today all Smudge/Cleansing Gift Sets (online and in store)  are 50% off!  This is such a great unique gift that someone on your list will love. Quantities are limited so stop by today and get yours!

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